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Cluttered menus in Explorer make it hard to find any particular


Use Context

Menu Manager to quickly deactivate and reactivate commands from you

menus without uninstalling the application. A command like WinZip is very useful

but only when you want to use it. Context Menu Manager allows you to remove it

from your context menus until you need it. Quickly reactivate it or any other

command when you want to use it and deactivate it when you are done.

This application is easy to use. Select the menu to manage (Folders,

Drives, Directories, All Files, etc.) and second dialog allows you quickly

activate or deactivate commands. You can select all to quickly deactivate or

reactivate all the commands on a give menu.

You can now have hundreds of Context Menu programs without having to search

for the command you want.

Context Menu Manager is part of the CAVU Software

Productivity package, a set of utilities and shell extensions that expand your

ability to manage the information on your computer. You will be able to install

(and uninstall) any of the demo programs with this download. Purchase

all five for half-price when you buy the Package!

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Context Menu Manager 2.3 Free Download screenshot